do u want blond color back ? — Anonymous

A little bit :pp

pls try blond hair :p — Anonymous

Again ?? :p

Honey i adore your style! Please always stay true to yourself ok? :) xoxo sorry-u-r-dismissed

awww thank you honey :* i promise xxxo !

I just startet to follow your blog and I was just curious... Why did you get a boob job and do you have any regrets doing it? — Anonymous

I get a boob job because I did not like their size, and no I have no regrets, I am very satisfied with the result. It worth it ;) xxo

Ben senın I've been following your blog, and I see it as a very beautiful idolI love you, stay with love =) xxx jelibonseverkiz

that’s very nice, thanks a lot babe xxo

Can you speak English? — Anonymous

yes xx